Since 1999, Automated Lifestyles has been an industry leader in providing certified, award-winning automation services to residential and commercial clients. Featuring the latest in home automation technology, we have grown to into a full-service firm, specializing in digital media, lighting, security, home theaters, audio, video and gaming entertainment.

Automated Lifestyles began seamlessly implementing eco-effective and energy efficient systems in 2001. As a member of the United State Green Building Council, we seek to design and construct our automation systems around eco-friendly principles. Through our partnerships with LEED AP professionals, we have been able to offer high-quality solutions at a low cost to the environment.

With digital technology becoming more of a touch point in our lives, we allow you to experience its potential by simplifying and automating many of your daily tasks. At Automated Lifestyles, we take home automation and home entertainment seriously, offering custom designed electronic systems and services to meet the demands of each client. Our seasoned team of experts will simplify the sophisticated weaving of technology transparently into your life - from consultation through completion.

Think of us as your electronic architects.