Embrace the audiophile within you and experience crystal-clear audio like never before. With whole-house wired and wireless distributed audio, you’ll never have to worry about missing your favorite song again. Our IT expertise will provide you with the opportunity to enjoy the latest in streaming media:

  • XM and Sirius Internet Radio
  • Pandora Radio
  • Streaming Audio with on screen album art
  • Internet Radio Distribution
  • iPod and iTunes Management Experts

Audio can be green too. Through careful consultation with our audio experts, you will be able to reduce unnecessary power consumption and improve sound quality. Simplicity saves the environment, time and money, and leads to better sound quality.

Our expertise also features exceptional acoustical design and room treatments, allowing the full enjoyment of audio, without disrupting others.

Don’t just listen to your entertainment—live it.

Automated Lifestyles
Case Study:
Read more about how we outfitted one client with a high quality, professionally calibrated audio system. FULL STORY.